Nepal & Tibet

7th August 2015


At 3.00pm we take the bus from Granada to Madrid where we spend the night.

On Saturday 8th August at 10.05am we fly from Madrid to Abu Dhabi

We spend the night in Abu Dhabi.

On Sunday 9th August at 10.05am we take the flight to Khatmandu.

We arrive to Khatmandu at 4.20pm and stay in Nepal until 16th August visiting Khatmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan where we meet with Shree and see how we can help.

On the Sunday 16th August at (TBC) we catch a flight to Lhasa.

On the 18th August from Lhasa we take the road to Saga where we stay in a guesthouse (4600m).

On 19th August we go to Manasarovar.

On 20th August we explore the lake Manasarovar (4450m) and drive to Darchen (4660m).

On 21st August we do a trek from Darchen to Drira Phuk – 18km (4900m) and stay there in a guesthouse.

—-No map available—

On 22nd August we trek 20km from Drira Phuk to Zutul Phuk (4750m).

—No map available—

On 23rd August we trek back to Darchen 14km and drive to New Dongba (4330m).

—No map available—

On 24th August we drive back to Saga

On 25th August we drive to Rongbuk and trek to Mount Everest Base Camp.

On 26th August we travel to the Tashilimpu Monastery

and then to Gyantse

On 27th August from Gyantse we drive through Yamdrok lake to Lhasa

On 28th we spend the day in Lhasa chilling out and on 29th at 11:25am we take the flight back to Khatmandu arriving at 10.40am (time travel) 😉

On 30th August at 5.10pm we fly from Khatmandu to Abu Dhabi arriving at 8.20pm

And then on 31st August at 2.35am we fly from Abu Dhabi and arrive to Madrid at 8.45am .

On 31st August at 11.35am I catch the flight from Madrid to London – hope I won’t miss it 😛


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